»Building for democracy«

Boris Rhein
Minister President of the State of Hessen

Building within democracy and building for democracy is a task that requires not only architectural skill and technical competence, but also an understanding of the foundations of the state and society. The foundations as set out with greater clarity in the German Basic Law. The foundations not as a given, but rather as something that has been developed down through the centuries and the value of which constantly needs to be recognized anew. The foundations supporting the only form of government that offers people a dignified existence, that ensures freedom, justice, and peace, that guarantees general wellbeing – namely, parliamentary democracy.

These foundations should be visible within the architecture of the buildings used by state institutions. This is particularly true when such a building houses an institution such as the HfG Offenbach University of Art and Design, as this is a place that teaches people the skills to allow them to shape the environment they live in. The architecture of the new building for the HfG Offenbach is therefore created with reference not only to the democratic state, but also to the research and education mission of this institution.

This publication shows the intensity with which those responsible are working on the plan, just like the prior, first part did. I am confident that those involved will together realize an outstanding project. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the participants and wish them every success.